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What We Do

Ciauri Media offers your non-profit, business or school a way to tell your story with a short professional compelling video about how your agency or business is impacting the community and making a difference.
How are we different? We create hard-hitting videos in a clear, fast moving, heart-warming and easy to understand TV News style way - weaving a professional TV voice in and out where necesssary to drive the message home. This has proven time again to make a significant positive impact in fundraising and selling in a market where those activities need all the boost they can get. 
We are a former Emmy-Award winning TV news and investigative team that produces your video/documentary in that same polished, smart, professional, creative news style.
We have worked to build a model that keeps costs way down and works quickly compared to other media outlets, and it has allowed many of our clients to benefit from multiple videos.

Our CRIS CANCER GALA video 2018 helped raise £750,000 net for the evening

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